Spherical roller bearings

Spherical roller bearings

Spherical roller bearing is double-row inseparable bearing consisting of a solid outer ring, an inner ring, and a drum roller with a cage. This bearing has two rows of rollers, which mainly bear radial load but can also bear axial load in any direction. 

Applications: Continuous casting machine, Induistrial gearbox, Papermaking machinery, Crushers, Vibrating screens, Ball mill, Mining machinery, Cement mill roller and other industries.

Spherical roller bearing has a high radial load capacity and is particularly suitable for heavy or vibration work conditions. In general, spherical roller bearings, as an important industrial part, play an important role in the industrial field. They can enhance the efficiency and performance of machinery and equipment and reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs, providing good support for industrial machine.

  • Characteristics of spherical roller bearings

  • It has a strong self-aligning ability and can withstand misalignment. The bearing can still work when the shaft or seat is relatively tilted.

  • It has a high load-bearing capacity and can withstand combined radial and axial loads.

  • Low friction,

  • Long service life,

  • Sturdy and durable.

  • The structure of spherical roller bearings

  • Spherical roller bearings have double rows of rollers. The outer ring has one shared spherical raceway, and the inner ring has two raceways tilted at one angle relative to the bearing axis. The inner hole of the bearing has two types: cylindrical and conical. The taper of the conical hole is 1:30 and 1:12. The taper of the spherical roller bearing of the series 240, 241, 248, and 249 is 1:30 (suffix K30), the taper of other series of spherical roller bearings is 1:12 (suffix K).

  • Depending on the internal design, spherical roller bearings have three standard structural forms: CC, CA, and E.

Designs of spherical roller bearings

In addition, FV also customizes spherical roller bearings with special structures for customers, including sealed spherical roller bearings, split spherical roller bearings, three-ring bearings, and some bearings for special applications.


  • Materials of self-aligning roller bearings

  • Depending on the application requirements, spherical roller bearings are usually made of bearing or carburized steel.

  • The materials mainly used by FV to produce spherical roller bearings include bearing steel (GCr15, GCr18Mo, GCr15SiMn, SKF-3), carburized steel (G20CrNi2MoA, G20Cr2Ni4A, TIMKEN3311), and the bearing hardness is HRC59-63.

  • Application fields of spherical roller bearings

  • Spherical roller bearings have large radial load capacity and a certain axial load capacity, so they are widely used in various transmission systems, such as continuous casting machines, industrial gearboxes, papermaking equipment, rolling mills, cement grinding rollers, vibrating screens, crushers, etc. In these fields, the main role of spherical roller bearings is to support and rotate equipment components, such as work rolls or support rolls of rolling mills, gear boxes, casings, etc., to ensure that the equipment can operate normally.

  • Advantages of FV Spherical roller bearings

FV bearings can customize non-standard bearings for customers according to the customer's working conditions, referring to the original design and optimization. For example, the installation position of spherical roller bearings is limited, and the overall installation of spherical roller bearings is very difficult. FV bearings Split spherical roller bearings are customized for customers, perfectly solving the difficult installation problem.

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