Slewing ring bearings

Slewing ring bearings

The slewing bearing has a special structure that simultaneously bears comprehensive loads such as large axial loads, radial loads, and overturning moments. It integrates multiple functions such as support, rotation, transmission, and fixation. 

Size range: 100 - 12000mm 
Applications: It is widely used in large-scale slewing devices such as lifting transport, mining, construction, port, wind power generation, medical, and radar and missile launchers.

The structure of the turntable bearing

The structure of the slewing bearing is generally composed of four major components: the inner ring, the outer ring, the rolling elements(ball/roller), and the spacer. The specific structure varies according to the model, but the basic structure is generally the same. In addition, there are auxiliary parts such as cages, seals, pins, gaskets, end covers, connecting flanges, and lubricants. These parts adopt different materials and sizes according to needs to further meet the needs of various working conditions.

Classification of slewing bearings

It can be divided in different ways:

According to the structural form, slewing bearings can be divided into four-point contact ball slewing bearings, double-row ball slewing bearings with different diameters, crossed cylindrical roller slewing bearings, and three-row cylindrical roller combined slewing bearings.

According to whether it has teeth and the distribution of teeth, slewing bearings can also be divided into different structures, such as gearless type, external gear type, and internal gear type.

According to different precision grades, slewing bearings can be divided into P0, P6, P5, P4 and P2. Among them, P0 is common precision, P6 is high precision, and P5, P4, and P2 are high precision.

According to the division and combination of inner and outer rings, slewing bearings can be divided into detachable and integral categories.

To sum up, the classification of slewing bearings can be chosen according to different requirements and working conditions to meet the different needs of various hosts.

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