Cylindrical roller thrust bearings

Cylindrical roller thrust bearings

Cylindrical roller thrust bearings are a type of thrust roller bearings designed primarily to withstand heavy axial loads and impact loads. This type of bearing must not bear any radial load. The bearing has high stiffness and requires only a small axial space.

Structure type of cylindrical roller thrust bearing

FV can provide different series of cylindrical roller thrust bearings. Bearings in the 811 and 812 series have one row of rollers and are mainly used in applications where the load-carrying capacity of thrust ball bearings is insufficient; bearings in the 893 and 894 series with two rows of rollers are also available.

Cylindrical roller thrust bearings are divided into two categories according to the bearings that can bear thrust in several directions: one-direction cylindrical roller thrust bearings and double-direction cylindrical roller thrust bearings.


  • One-direction cylindrical roller thrust bearing: This bearing is standard and can only bear axial load in one direction.

  • Double-direction cylindrical roller thrust bearing: Two cylindrical roller and cage thrust components are assembled, two bearing races and an intermediate race. The intermediate race can be shaft-guided or housing-guided. This bearing can withstand axial loads in both directions.

Cylindrical roller thrust bearings

  • In addition to complete sets of cylindrical roller thrust bearings, FV can also supply cylindrical roller and cage thrust assemblies and bearing washers.

  • Cylindrical roller and cage thrust assembly:

  • --Indicated by prefix K

  • --Can be combined with washers in the WS, GS and LS series

  • --Can be used in applications without gaskets, where adjacent parts can be used as raceways, bearing arrangements with low axial section heights are required

  • Bearing washers:

  • Shaft ring: --Indicated by the prefix WS --Made from hardened carbon chromium bearing steel --Has precision ground raceway surface --Has ground holes

  • Races: --Indicated by the prefix GS --Made from hardened carbon chromium bearing steel --Has precision ground raceway surfaces --Has ground outer surface.

  • FV recommends using these two washers in high-speed applications requiring precise bearing washer alignment.

  • LS series general-purpose washers: -- can be used for the seat ring or shaft ring of the K811 series roller and cage assembly -- suitable for the working conditions where the bearing seat ring does not need to be precisely aligned -- usually used for low-speed conditions

  • Naming rules for cylindrical roller thrust bearings

cylindrical roller thrust bearings

  • Materials of cylindrical roller thrust bearings

  • The materials of cylindrical roller thrust bearings mainly include bearing steel and carburized steel.

  • Bearing steel is one of the most commonly used materials for manufacturing cylindrical roller thrust bearings, especially where high hardness and contact fatigue strength are required.

  • Commonly used bearing steels include SKF-3, GCr15, GCr15SiMn, GCr6, GCr9, etc., and the hardness of the bearing can reach HRC61-65.

  • Another commonly used material is carburized steel, including TIMKEN3311, G20CrNi2MoA, G20Cr2Ni4A, 20CrMnTi, etc. Compared with bearing steel, carburized steel has better toughness and is suitable for withstanding impact loads.

  • Application fields of cylindrical roller thrust bearings

  • Cylindrical roller thrust bearings are mainly used in heavy machine tools, rolling mills, high-power marine gearboxes, oil drilling rigs, vertical motors, and other machinery.

  • Advantages of FV cylindrical roller thrust bearing

  • FV cylindrical roller thrust bearings are of a separate design, and the shaft ring, seat ring, and cylindrical roller and cage components can be installed separately. Both ends of the roller are slightly shrunk to change the line contact between the raceway and the roller, effectively preventing edge stress concentration and extending the service life of the bearing.

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