Cylindrical roller bearings

Cylindrical roller bearings

Cylindrical roller bearings, the rollers, and the raceway are contacted in line, so they have a high radial load, making the bearing withstand heavy and impact loads. Besides, the inner and outer rings can be detachable, so mounting and removing are easy.

  • The rolling elements of cylindrical roller bearings are cylindrical rollers. The internal structure of cylindrical roller bearings uses rollers arranged in parallel, and spacers or isolation blocks are installed between the rollers to prevent the slant of the rollers or the friction between the rollers, effectively preventing the increase in rotational torque.

  • The structure of cylindrical roller bearings

  • The structure of cylindrical roller bearings includes bearing inner rings, bearing outer rings, cylindrical rollers, spacers, and cage.

  • Inner ring: cooperate with the journal as the inner lining of the bearing and determine the radial size of the bearing.

  • Outer ring: cooperates with the bearing seat as the outer lining of the bearing and plays a supporting role.

  • Cylindrical roller: It is the core part of the bearing, supports and lubricates the inner and outer rings of the bearing, and determines the rolling contact fatigue strength of the bearing.

  • Spacer: Used to space the cylindrical rollers to sit properly between the inner and outer rings of the bearing.

  • Cage: The main function is to keep the cylindrical rollers in the correct position and reduce the friction of the cylindrical rollers.

  • The characteristic of this kind of bearing is that rolling contact is its main supporting element, so it has the advantages of low friction, large load-bearing capacity, and high rigidity. It is especially suitable for occasions such as high speed, high load, impact, vibration, and high temperature.

  • Classification of cylindrical roller bearings

  • Cylindrical roller bearings can be divided into the following categories according to their structural characteristics:

  • Single-row cylindrical roller bearings.

  • Double-row cylindrical roller bearings.

  • Four-row cylindrical roller bearings.

  • Single-row full complement cylindrical roller bearings.

  • Double-row full complement cylindrical roller bearings.

  • Split cylindrical roller bearings.

  • Materials of cylindrical roller bearings

  • Cylindrical roller bearings are usually made of bearing or case-hardened steel, depending on the application requirements.

  • The materials mainly used by FV to produce cylindrical roller bearings include bearing steel (GCr15, GCr18Mo, GCr15SiMn, SKF-3), carburized steel (G20CrNi2MoA, G20Cr2Ni4A, TIMKEN3311), and the bearing hardness is HRC59-63.

  • Application fields of cylindrical roller bearings

  • Cylindrical roller bearings are mainly used to bear radial loads but can also bear axial and torsional loads. They are suitable for heavy machine tools, high-power marine gearboxes, oil drilling rigs, vertical motors, and other machinery, as well as engineering hydraulic cylinders, forging machine tools, engineering machinery, automation equipment, water conservancy machinery, automobile shock absorbers, and other industries. In addition, cylindrical roller bearings are also widely used in large motors, machine tool spindles, axle boxes, diesel engine crankshafts, automobiles, and other fields.

  • Advantages of FV cylindrical roller bearings

  • FV bearings will use different suitable materials for bearings of different sizes. Engineers will use carburized steel based on the original factory design and operating conditions. This kind of steel has the characteristics of high toughness and is used in some conditions with impact loads. In addition, FV bearings will also optimize the original design. For example, in model R507339, the original structure is a four-row cylindrical roller bearing. FV engineers upgraded it to six-row rollers, which increases the service life of the bearing by approximately 25%.

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